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Our restoration team took one of the inner-wing sections of the B-17 with the crane, and laid it horizontal. One step closer to getting it mounted on the aircraft.

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We are working on the baffles from one of the Wright R-1820-76 radial engines on the HU-16 Albatross.



We restored the complex panel on the right wing of the B-17.

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Our restoration team has been working on the ride side of the cockpit, in the HU-16. We installed the light green vinyl that is below the window.



We restored a complex panel and had to fabricate a new panel for the landing gear area, on the B-17. The old one was corroded away.

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We are still installing oxygen lines and bottles for the radio operators and compartment, on the B-17.

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These are the gun mounts for the 50 caliber machine gun that fit in the forward end of the fuselage, on the B-17. We didn’t have any that came with the airplane so we had a Machine Company manufacture them for us.



We are restoring the deicing boot for the right inner wing, between engines number three and four, on the B-17.


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