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A new “STEM Stop” at the Museum will help visitors understand how thermal imaging cameras (left) and night vision goggles help us see at night. (USAF photos)


On August 9, 2018 in the Century of Flight Hangar, a summer internship team hosted by the Warner Robins Field Office of Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) opened a “STEM Stop” about night vision technology.


The GTRI internship team’s display is the first in a series of “STEM Stops” that will bring interactive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) displays into the Museum’s exhibits.


The team, sponsored by the Technology Association of Georgia, includes four recent graduates of Houston County high schools (Ricky Patel, Andrew Babbitt, Kaylynn Wallace,  and Trevor Cooper) and Cherri Nix, a STEM teacher at Northside High School. GTRI participants include research engineers Kimberly Camerino and Brandon Hancock, and Hannah Gulle, a visiting research student.

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