Museum of Aviation Brand Guidelines

Consistent and cohesive messaging, both written and visual, is to be reflected across every marketing piece representing the Museum of Aviation, it’s Foundation, and the National STEM Academy.

The following Branding Guidelines must be always followed when using the Museum of Aviation, Museum of Aviation Foundation or the National STEM Academy logos when creating all marketing materials, updating the website, blog content, and publishing on all forms of social media.   If the logo cannot be used, all other Core Brand Concepts should be included in the publication or product for brand consistency.  All branding guidelines must be adhered to unless prior approval has been received by the Museum of Aviation Foundation Graphic Designer and/or the Museum of Aviation Foundation Director of Operations. The National STEM Academy is a registered trademark of the Museum of Aviation Foundation.  All marketing must retain the core brand concepts and represent the Museum of Aviation with respect.

Logos & Usage

All logos and branding concepts are to reflect the Museum of Aviation’s Mission and Vision:

  • VISION: Recognized as a world-class aviation museum in the Southeast United States.
  • MISSION: Inspire and educate by preserving the heritage of the United States Air Force through public engagement and a superior visitor experience.





Color Palette

Logos should only be used in original colors or solid white or solid black. No other color palette will be acceptable unless with prior approval from department Director.

  • Colors should never be reversed or switched. If another accent color is needed for aesthetic value, only the approved Gray listed below should be used. Logo should never be used in Grayscale. Full color, solid black, or solid white are the only approved colors unless prior approval from department Director.
  • Colors in designs, publications, etc. that clash or make the logo look unpleasing should never be used in conjunction with the full color logo. Use black or white logo instead.

Primary Colors: The logo is comprised of three primary colors.

Secondary Colors: Our secondary palette is made up of colors that balance and complement the primary palette. These tones are used to add flexibility but should be used sparingly so as not to detract from the primary brand colors. Logos should always maintain use of primary palette colors.

Primary Colors

HEX: #D21241
RGB: 210,18,65
CMYK: 12,100,73,2
HEX: #004890
RGB: 0,72,144
CMYK: 100,81,14,2
RGB: 255,255,255
CMYK: 0,0,0,0
RGB: 174,175,179
CMYK: 33,26,24,0

Secondary Colors

HEX: #01376E
RGB: 1,55,110
CMYK: 100,86,31,18
RGB: 179,201,223
CMYK: 29,13,5,0
HEX: #000000
RGB: 0,0,0
CMYK: 75,68,67,90
HEX: #E7E7E8
RGB: 231,231,232
CMYK: 8,6,6,0


Typography serves as an anchor that supports and unifies our brand. Its use allows our audiences to find familiarity in our messaging. Montserrat is a modern sans serif typeface that is used to deliver clear, confident messaging statements and echoes our approachable and strong brand attributes with its letterforms. This typeface is used in a prominent way for headlines, large intro copy, pull-quotes, and sidebars.

Roboto is a highly readable typeface and is used to support our primary headline typeface. It is used for subheads and other supporting text such as body copy, subheads, excerpts, captions and data.


Montserrat Bold


Roboto Regular