Protecting and Preserving the Museum of Aviation

The “Sustaining Partners” program is a prestigious and enduring initiative, emblematic of our commitment to safeguarding and celebrating the invaluable legacy, patriotism, and boundless inspiration embodied within the Museum of Aviation.

Within this distinguished society of Sustaining Partners, each member has made a multi-year pledge of support, signifying their unwavering dedication to the advancement of the Museum of Aviation’s educational programs and services. This steadfast commitment ensures the sustainability and growth of the museum, allowing it to continue its vital work for years to come.

The ethos of the Sustaining Partners program goes beyond mere financial contributions; it embodies a deep-rooted passion for preserving the rich history and patriotic spirit that the Museum of Aviation encapsulates. By choosing to become Sustaining Partners, these individuals and organizations become custodians of the museum’s legacy, playing a pivotal role in ensuring that future generations are inspired and educated through its exhibits, programs, and services.

$30,000 ($10,000/YR FOR 3 YEARS)

The Bob Scott Flight

$15,000 ($5,000/YR FOR 3 YEARS)

The Oliver Bateman Flight

$10,500 ($3,500/YR FOR 3 YEARS)

The Sonny Carter Flight

Jim Taylor

$10,499 & BELOW (AMT/YR FOR 3 YEARS)


  • Tom McMichael
  • Maj Gen Newt Nugteren
  • John & Shirley Harley
  • Terry Smith
  • Curtis Wright
  • Ned Sanders
  • Jack Steed
  • Ed Olsen
  • Bob Walker
  • Lt. Gen. Don & Sheri Wetekam
  • Rhett Walker