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B-17 Restoration


December 2, 2018

We are restoring more oxygen bottles along with the 02 lines being run inside the radio operator’s room. The second picture is a typical 02 bottle storage rack. They all have to be made by hand from wood per the blueprint.


December 3, 2018

There is initial work being done on the wire plumbing just forward of the Bombay.


December 16, 2018

We have been working on the Flap Boxes, getting things ready to mount the drive motors.


December 17, 2018

We have been getting the rail supports installed for the radio room.



HU-16 Restoration

December 9, 2018

This is a before and after restoration photo of the engine oil cooler support bracket for the Albatross engine.


December 10, 2018

This shows the removal of all nine cylinders from the engine, then after the removal of the engine from the mounting frame. You can see the pistons and rods now that the cylinders are removed.

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