Museum Staff Members

Museum Leadership

  • Ken Emery (Colonel, ret.): Director, USAF
  • Arthur Sullivan: Curator, USAF
  • Tony Day: Chief of Restoration, USAF

Foundation Leadership

  • Jeffrey E. Brett: President and CEO
  • Melissa Spalding: Vice President |  Education and Visitor Experience
  • Kate Zidek: Director of Engagement and Fund Development

Operations Team

  • David Anderson: Assistant Retail Coordinator / Weekend Manager
  • Mike Davenport: Facility Support
  • Gwen Davis: Engagement Coordinator
  • Makayla Dowd: VR Simulator Operator
  • Sarah Gaff: Retail Coordinator
  • Dan Hart: Volunteer Coordinator
  • Kirt Barnes: Facility Coordinator
  • Sheryl Kennedy: Bookkeeping
  • Linda Gail Maye: Design Coordinator
  • Lacey Meador: Communications Coordinator
  • Laura Pressey: Budget & Requirements
  • Karen Ross: Events Coordinator
  • Ann Turner: VR Simulator Operator

National STEM Academy Team

  • Joy Cornelius: Grant Coordinator and Fund Development
  • Jenna Watkinson: Heritage Guided Tours and Visitor Experience Coordinator
  • Gina Clark: Innovation and Resource Center Director
  • Chase Dixon: Technology Coordinator
  • Patty Forehand: Exploration Center Director
  • Olivia Ross: Outreach Coordinator and STEM Specialist
  • Alicia Kern: STEM Specialist and Instructor
  • Rebekah Stephens: STEM Specialist and Instructor
  • Kim Ruberti: Mission Quest Flight Instructor and Coordinator
  • Matthew Reeves: Mission Quest Flight Coach
  • Holly Bradley: Mission Quest Flight Coach and STEM Specialist
  • Martha Lockhart: National STEM Academy Finance Bookkeeper
  • Denise Smith: Education Administration Assistant