Experience Virtual Reality Like Never Before!

During your visit to the Museum of Aviation, don’t miss your chance to ride our new Virtual Reality Simulator, located in the main Eagle building!  Individual disposable goggle protection.  Goggles are sanitized after each use.  You must be 42″ tall to to ride.

The ride features nine adventures including Santa’s Christmas Rush!  Compete with family and friends in this fast-paced, swirling and twirling adventure of gathering presents as fast as you can!  Get your game on with and win those points!  You will put Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer to shame with your gift gathering skills!

Also new for those of you who are competitive is the Tank Commander!  This high action game is sure to get you revved up and ready for taking out the enemy.

Ticket Information & Ride Details

Ticket prices are $10 per ride or $8 for military and first responders. Tickets for the VR Transporter ride may be purchased at the VR Transporter in the rotunda on the first floor of the Eagle Building, or in the Museum Gift Shop.

The VR Transporter accommodates up to four people per ride cycle. The motion platform elevates, pitches, and rolls in computer-controlled increments designed to mimic the path of each experience you choose. The VR is available during operating hours of the Museum. Please be sure tell us about your experience.


Apollo & Beyond

Climb aboard a massive Saturn V rocket and blast off for adventure to witness humankind’s first inspiring steps on the Moon. Learn how early spaceflight pioneers made the successes of the subsequent Space Shuttle program and International Space Station possible and helped forge a new path towards long-term planetary exploration. Glimpse how small steps will lead to giant leaps in the future as the exploration of Mars begins! Apollo 11 & Beyond VR puts you right inside the astronaut’s helmet!

Great White Sharks

Travel to the coast of Guadeloupe, Mexico for a first-hand encounter you won’t soon forget. Great White Sharks have never been able to survive in captivity and must normally be viewed from inside the safety of a diving cage. Their instinctive hunting behavior has caused them to largely be misunderstood as blood-thirsty and aggressive killing machines. Great White Sharks VR takes you outside the protective cage and deep into the heart of the sharks’ underwater habitat for an up-close rendezvous of wonder. Witness many surprising characteristics and mysterious habits of these highly intelligent creatures.

Tank Commander

Jump into the command seat of a World War II-era Sherman Tank and engage the enemy army advancing on America’s allies in this virtual reality recreation of the Battle of the Bulge. Our motion-platform and electronic 3D-Virtual Reality goggles will immerse you in the action as you look in any direction and order your massive 75-millimeter gun to fire on approaching enemy tanks and machine-gun nests through “look targeting” technology. Help your fellow tank commanders advance the Allied position and win the battle in this exciting interactive and collaborative adventure!

Cosmic Coaster

Take a white-knuckle journey at fantastic speeds from the Earth to the Moon and to many worlds beyond. Your futuristic rail car careens through the cosmos to show you many VR vistas you could only dream of, including the Earth, Moon, Venus, Mars and Neptune! You will traverse through caverns, craters and valleys, see deadly electrical storms, flying boulders and behold hidden planetary treasures. The Universe is yours to explore! Cosmos Coaster VR is a commute that captures the imagination!

Wing Walker

It is a beautiful day for an airshow and your flight aboard a vintage 1943 Boeing Super Stearman biplane. You will have the best seat in the house today…on the wing! Travel along at incredible speeds with a daring stuntwoman on a death-defying journey to impress the crowds. Hang on for dear life as your plane performs complicated maneuvers with no room for error to the amazement of the spectators below! Sail through the skies with skill, guts and determination! Wingwalker VR relives bygone feats of courage from the airshows of old and is a visual treat for those of us on the ground!

Dive in Prehistoric Seas

A mysterious ocean vortex carries you back in time where you glimpse amazing marine life of the distant past. As your submersible maneuvers through this strange new world in search of a time-displacing artifact, you will swim along with a massive Archelon sea turtle, marvel at a graceful long-necked Styxosaurus, and come face-to-face with a powerful Ginsu Shark! The prehistoric ocean is teeming with many strange and wonderful creatures! Dive in Prehistoric Seas places you right inside the diver’s mask!

Spacewalk: Danger in Orbit

Leave the safety of the Space Shuttle cargo bay on an exciting extravehicular activity (EVA) as you tour around one of humanity’s great engineering triumphs, the International Space Station. Float high above the Earth as you take in the wonders of weightlessness. Your mission is to test out a new manned-maneuvering propulsion unit and investigate system anomalies. Experience the dangers of living and working in space. Spacewalk – Danger in Orbit VR! is pure adventure at Zero-G!