The Museum of Aviation is the 2nd largest Airforce Museum in the country with 51 acres and more than 85 aircraft.

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Eagle Building

Take your picture with the P-40 fighter and its shark mouth nose art. This F-15 is representative of the Eagles that come to Robins Air Force Base for depot maintenance. And you may hear an F-15’s P-40N Warhawk sonic boom while you’re here!

Nugteren Exhibit Hangar

The Museum’s F-4 was used to shoot down two North Vietnamese fighters during the Vietnam War. This HH-3E helicopter flew special operations missions during the Vietnam War and Desert Storm.

Scott Exhibit Hangar

The B-17 is one of the most famous airplanes in aviation history. You can see the Museum’s B-17 undergoing restoration. This B-29 is similar to the bombers that dropped the atomic bombs that helped end World War II.

Century of Flight Hangar

The Museum’s SR-71 was used to set the World Absolute Speed Record of 2,193 mph in 1976. The record still stands today. This MH-53 special operations helicopter flew combat missions during the Vietnam War, Desert Storm, and Iraqi Freedom.