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Happy April Fool’s Day! You won’t find any pranks here, although we do cover one below. It has been a busy time at the Museum of Aviation lately, which means that most recent posts have been a mix of links and news instead of the more in-depth type of single topic posts that I prefer. A visit from the director of the National Museum of the United States Air Force (our parent organization) combined with moving the Tuskegee Exhibit and the allocation and installment of office furniture (courtesy of the local Air Force Reserve recruiting office – thank you to them) has meant that posts here have been sparse lately. In the next few weeks there will be a lot going on, but I plan to share as much of it as I can here. The Collections staff has been working with two seniors from Northside High School in a program from that school titled Professional Interest and Exploration (P.I.E.). The students have spent around two hours a day here for two days a week the past few months. They are working on a small student-curated exhibit that focuses on the F-15C in Desert Storm and includes information about F-15C #79-0078, a double MIG-killer that is housed here at the Museum of Aviation Restoration Facility and belongs to the 402nd Maintenance Wing from Robins Air Force Base. I also hope to have some videos and photos up from the Tuskegee Exhibit move and re-build. Until then enjoy the below news and links.

New Board of Directors Members

New Board Members

The Museum of Aviation Foundation recently welcomed eight new members to its Board of Directors for 2011.  The new members are (l-r): Chuck DeBoe, Manager, ITT Business Development, Warner Robins; Andy Thomas, Agent/Owner, State Farm Insurance, Warner Robins; Dan Penny, Senior Manager, Corporate Business Development, Lockheed-Martin, Warner Robins; Jessica Shoudel, Executive Director, Robbins-GIOIA, Bonaire, GA; Robbo Hatcher, CEO, H2 Capital, Macon; Casey King, Program Manager, Raytheon, Warner Robins; Bruce Hullett, Operations Manager, Image Staffing, Warner Robins; and Larry Walker III, President, Walker Insurance Agency, Perry.

Spy Gadgets

Spy Pigeon!

Check out this gallery of old spy gadgets. This stuff might be a bit off the beaten path for an aviation museum, but it is related to national defense and quite interesting. The Cold War produced so many fascinating stories and many of them are just now being told.


Weight Based Airfare

Weight Based Pay Chart

And now on to our April Fool’s Day story. Flight International brings us this somewhat-amusing bit of not-quite-news from the world of commercial aviation. If I had to weigh in (get it?) on the subject I would say that plenty of people would not be happy if this was true. Personally I see the logic for airlines and do not have a problem with it. However, there is that small little line in the picture above that says “You will be weighed at the airport for verification.” I don’t think that would go over well at all. Enjoy your weekend!

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