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Work continues here at the Museum of Aviation on many projects, including our move of the Tuskegee Exhibit and the conversion of Hangar One to a dedicated Southeast-Asia theme. Within the next few weeks I will have an update on those processes as well as another blog post or two about the UC-45 crash site. For now though, here are some mid-week readings, videos and events that I have found interesting. Enjoy and have a great week!

“These have been the voyages of the Space Shuttle Discovery”

I am not a huge Star Trek fan, but you could call me a casual one. Regardless, I do have an interest in popular culture as it pertains to, is shaped by and helps shape history. Some background first: NASA plays a song to wake the astronauts up each morning after their sleep period. For this morning NASA chose the theme from the original Star Trek series with William Shatner providing a uniquely altered voiceover for the tune. All of that said, this is a really interesting video and just a cool way for NASA to wake the astronauts up on Discovery’s last day ever in orbit. [youtube=]

Super Tucano

Brazilian Air Force Super Tucanos

Interesting blog post from The Dew Line here that includes a great video of a Embraer Super Tucano performing an unusual takeoff to demonstrate its ability to operate from unprepared areas. The Super Tucano is one of several aircraft under consideration by the United States for light attack and counter-insurgency missions (read more here). Read the post and see the video by clicking here.


Tour De Moose Bike Ride

A family prepares for the Tour de Moose

The 2nd Annual Tour De Moose Bike Ride is coming up. My wife and I rode lasts year’s event and had a great time. The ride is unique in that it attracts, and caters to both serious and casual cyclists. Families are welcome and encouraged too, which gives the event a great feel. One of the best parts of the ride (to me anyway) is the aircraft static displays. This year’s line-up is still being determined but should include many of the same aircraft as last year which included a C-5, C-17 E-8 and F-15 from the Air Force and a UH-1 and AH-1 from the Marine Corps. Pilots and aircrew were very approachable and eager to answer questions. The static display aircraft were located about halfway along the ride route (and will be again this year) which made them a great place to stop, rest for a bit, see some airplanes and talk to their crews. The ride will be held on Saturday May 21st here at the Museum of Aviation. For more information call (478) 923-6600. Click here to download registration form. Click here for online registration.

Last year the weather was beautiful, hopefully there will be more of the same for this years ride



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