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The Tuskegee Exhibit move is picking up speed. Yesterday the barracks building was moved out of Hangar One and into The Scott Hangar. I have always been fascinated by construction and heavy equipment so the actual move was very interesting to watch. The pictures below are from the move.

The moving crew works to prepare the barracks building to be movedThe building cleared the doorway by inches



The building begins its journey across campus



The building arrives at the new location for the Tuskegee exhibit in the Scott Hangar



The area where the building once stood will soon be home for the Museums F-105D


It is great to see all of the space that has opened up in Hangar One now that the exhibit has been moved. A large part of that space will be filled up by an F-105D Thunderchief. The F-105 can be seen in the bottom corner of the conceptual image below.


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