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The Museum of Aviation’s F-102 was moved up Georgia Highway 247 this past Saturday. If you have never seen an aircraft move here (and we move them fairly regularly) it is a neat sight. It is just unusual to see a large aircraft in such an out of context way. The F-102 was moved so that it can be repainted how it looked while assigned to the 95th Fighter Interceptor Squadron at Andrews AFB during the late 1950s.

The Museum got the aircraft from Lackland AFB, Texas in 2009 where it had been on static display for 39 years. Delta-winged F-102s served as long-range supersonic all-weather air defense interceptors in the U.S. Air Force inventory from 1956 to 1977.

The Warner Robins Air Logistics Center had logistics responsibility for the avionics, fire control systems, countermeasures and air launched missiles used on the F-102 during its service life.

The first picture below is an example of how the F-102 will look when finished. The tail number will reflect the aircrafts serial number of 56-1151. The subsequent pictures show Museum Restoration personnel painting the aircraft in a hangar at Robins Air Force Base.

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