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This blog was submitted by a Dinner Theatre Guest!

By: Janell Perry

On Friday February 19th, I attended Murder at the Juice Joint Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre at the Museum of Aviation. When I arrived at Hanger One, it felt like I was actually at the Juice Joint. I’ve never been to an actual juice joint, but from what I’ve seen in movies and films, the Museum of Aviation fit the description perfectly. The decorations went perfectly with the theme. Even the guests were dressed to match the theme.   At the end of show, the cast got to pick the best dressed participant of the evening. The ladies wore their famous flapper dresses and the men wore suits. The show started at 7:30p.m. Before the show started, all the guests were seated and served a meal by the actors and actresses of the show. Then it was show time! The show started off with someone getting killed. With that being said, it was up to the guests to figure out who committed the crime. As the show was going on, I enjoyed how the actors and the actresses got the guests involved in the murder mystery. It was a little difficult to find out who committed the murder. All the cast’s stories seemed so true in the show. (Spoiler Alert!) At the end of the show, the Chief was found out to be the person who committed the crime. The show was amazing, and I highly recommend it!

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