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This guest blog was submitted by: Janell Perry

On March 23, 2016, the Museum of Aviation hosted Crow’s Nest – a Dixie Crow’s Event. The Crow’s Nest – a Dixie Crow’s Event consisted of 3 classrooms, each doing something different. In the first classroom I went to, the students were divided into groups to play a game. The students had to stack the cups into a pyramid, but the trick of the game was that the students couldn’t use their hands. Sounds hard! Instead of the students using their hands, they had to use a rubber band to stack the cups on top of each other. With all the pressure from trying to beat the other teams, the student managed to finish the game. In the second class I went to, the teacher was showing the students how to do 3D printing. The third class I went to was for the younger kids. Their job was to make an earth and another planet model out of clay and to draw the planets on a separate piece of paper. As the kids were making their clay model, they were also learning about the planets. The STEM event held at the Museum of Aviation was a great experience for students interested in making things come to life, making models, and playing games. I had a great time watching the students interact so well in each classroom.

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