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Everything seems to be going digital and mobile these days. The Museum of Aviation will soon be joining this mobile digital revolution with a free app for the iPhone. VenuLex, a techonology company based in Alpharetta, Georgia, is developing the app for the Museum. The app is the Museum’s first, and will feature information that supplements exhibit and aircraft signage. It is intended to give some interesting, lesser-known facts about the aircraft. In addition to providing information about the selected aircraft, it will contain links to Youtube and Wikipedia so that those interested can learn more about a particular aircraft if they wish.

Random facts are some of my favorite things to learn, and in working on this app, I have learned many interesting things about some of the aircraft here at the museum. I myself listen to many podcasts, and I am excited to see that the Museum is creating an app that has some similarities to podcasts.  The information found in the app will not be presented in a lecture format, or be heavy on technical jargon. Instead, it will be much shorter than most podcasts, making it easily accessible and understood.

So, if you feel your eyes are tiring from too much reading, or your brain melting from trying to remember the dimensions, speeds or other facts related to aircraft at the Museum, take heart. Soon you will be able to pull up the Museum of Aviation app on your Iphone, Ipod or Ipad and simply listen.

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