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Allison Williams

Where are you originally from/What do you consider your hometown: I am from Perry, GA.

Educational background: I graduated from Perry High School in 2009, and now I am studying history at Boston University.

What sorts of hobbies do you enjoy or what do you do in your free time: Cooking, I love watching Bones and CSI, bike riding.

How long have you worked at the museum: About 2 months.

What does your job involve: A lot of things: photographing artifacts, helping take down and put up exhibits, other miscellaneous tasks.

If you were not working here at the museum, what kind of job would you like to have: I’m really not sure, but I would love a job that allows me to travel a lot, or one that lets me study and/or teach lesser-known parts of history.

How does being a museum intern change your experience when you visit other museums: I think about how much work is put into creating an exhibit, especially in finding a balance between providing too vague and too detailed information.

What is your favorite aircraft and why: The SR-71 Blackbird. I just love this plane. While I have been here I have been doing research on the different aircraft that are here at the museum, and that’s how I learned about this one. I just find its capabilities so impressive, and I love the look of it.

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