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Note: Part 1 was published on August 3, 2012.

The ceremony on June 18, 2012 was two-fold.  The first part consisted of decorating Technical Sergeant Barry R. Duffield for his bravery on the Explosives Ordnance Disposal Team of the 116th Air Control Wing’s EOD Flight while in Afghanistan.  However, the unveiling of the Explosive Ordnance Exhibit took the lead for the latter part of the ceremony.

This wasn’t your typical unveiling of a new exhibit, mind you.  This exhibit was curated by three Northside High School students, and one of the artifacts is a uniform worn by Tech. Sgt. Duffield.  See why the two ceremonies were combined?

The exhibit reveals the responsibilities of 116th Air Control Wing’s EOD Flight, which is stationed at Robins Air Force Base, home of the Museum of Aviation.  Included within the exhibit are equipment, uniforms of the 116th troops, a bomb suit, munitions training aids, and a robot, as well as photos.  A video within the exhibit details what it takes to be an EOD specialist, and how viewers can become a part of an EOD Flight.  The display also includes an information plaque on the students who curated the exhibit.

The three students, Wesley Paskett, Jaikel “Jay” Robinson, and Keynan Callum were present at the ceremony, as were two of Northside High School’s faculty members, Kim Stewart and John Gravely.  Again, Major General James B. Butterworth, Adjutant General of Georgia, introduced the students.  If pictures are worth a thousand words, videos must accrue millions more.  So, why I am I writing about it?  Check out this video for yourself!


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~Allison L. Boutwell

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