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Just a few notes of interest, links to interesting websites and some further reading for everyone today. Enjoy it!

–          Pascal Le Deunff, the consul general of France in Atlanta, presented World War II veterans the Legion of Honor at a ceremony here at the Museum of Aviation yesterday. Read about it here

–          Online exhibits are a (relatively) new concept for many museums. Check out the First Division Museum website and their online exhibit space for an idea of how this can be done. The National Museum of the Air Force, our parent organization, also has some interesting online exhibits.

–          Air shows are a great place to visit for both the hard-core military or aviation buff and those with a more casual interest. There are three great opportunities here in Georgia in the coming months to visit an air show. The Great Georgia Air Show, hosted by the Dixie Wing of the Commemorative Air Force, is October 9th -10th. This is a great place to see some beautiful old World War II warbirds take to the sky. The Moody Air Force Base Community Appreciation Day is November 13th and will feature some great aircraft static and flying displays, including the B-1 and CV-22. And finally, the largest of the three will be the Wings over Atlanta air show on October 16th -17th at Dobbins Air Reserve Base. The USN Blue Angels, Canadian Snowbirds and Air Force Academy Wings of Blue jump team will all be in attendance.

–          Speaking of air shows, the website is a great place to look for schedules, pictures and videos related to air shows the world over. The forums there offer a great place to interact with other air show enthusiast as well.

You can find great pictures like this at

–          Did you know that the Museum of Aviation Restoration section has its own Facebook page? It is full of great photos and behind the scenes commentary about the great work done there.

–          Last but certainly not least, there are three events of note coming up here at the Museum of Aviation. The Georgia Invitational Golf Tournament will be held Thursday and Friday, September 23rd -24th. The Concert in the Park series will feature the Band of the U.S. Air Force Reserve. This is a great chance to come out and enjoy some great music now that the outside temperatures are starting to be bearable. A little further out the Wings and Wheels Car Show will be October 9th.

The Wheels and Wings Car Show is a great place to see some unique cars and take in our aircraft as well.

That’s all for now, everyone enjoy their Labor Day weekend (how great is it that we celebrate working by not working by the way) and be safe!

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