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I thought a few videos of the home-made variety would be a great way to end the week. One of our stated reasons for creating and maintaining this blog is to give readers a behind the scenes look at things that go on here at the Museum of Aviation.  These videos are a manifestation of that and are just plain fun to watch. The first three are part of a loose timeline: a hangar is built, an aircraft is installed on pylons in that hangar and then an exhibit is built around that aircraft. The last video is of one of our helicopters being installed. Enjoy them all and have a great weekend!

Our Scott Exhibit Hangar is the newest building we have here at the Museum of Aviation. Completed in 2008, this hangar is home to the award-winning exhibit Down to Earth: 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR) and the Air Invasion of Normandy. The 60,000 square foot hangar holds many interesting aircraft including our B-29, B-25J, and (as you will see below) our C-47B. This video is a time lapse of the building going up.


This is another time lapse video that was taken inside the finished Scott Hangar. Putting an aircraft on pylons gives visitors a unique view of it, and in this case allowed it to become an integral part of the Down to Earth exhibit.


We have done video walkthroughs of several of our newer exhibits. This one is about the Down to Earth exhibit that was mentioned above. At approximately 4:43 into the video you can see how the C-47B that was put on pylons in the video above was integrated into this exhibit.


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