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Thank you BNS Machine & Fabrication for giving us a 25% discount for the parts you made for our B-17! 


This is the two-axis gun mount for the .50 calibre cheek gun. The one one the left is the “home made” plastic one made in Indiana. The one on the right is engineered  and fabricated correctly, and made out of heavy gauge aluminum.



This is the push rod bearing mount for the aileron torque tubes in the outer wings. Again, the one on the left is an original removed from the airplane. We had BNS make up two new ones, manufactured and engineered dimensionally correct. One of them is on the right.



We had twelve of these new brackets manufactured. They actually fit on the rib that connects the forward and aft fuselages together. The one on the far left is a sample piece. When we had them make the new ones up, we told them to leave the holes out. We are going to drill those blank pieces custom to the airframe itself, that way we will have a sure fit.


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