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Justin McDuffie, WMAZ 12:02 AM. EST January 14, 2017

At 5:30 Saturday morning, Larry Macon from San Antonio, Texas will wake up ready to run the Museum of Aviation Marathon, but this isn’t his first race. He started running years ago.

“You’ve got to be optimistic or crazy to think you can run 26 miles,” Macon said. “I got addicted, and now 1,845 later, I’m still doing it.”

That’s right, 72-year-old Macon will complete his 1,846th marathon Saturday.

He’s done so many he’s even earned a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

“The record I did was 255. Guinness knocked me down to 239 that year (2013), but that’s the world record for most in a year,” Macon said. “I’m insane, but I hold it.”

He’s run multiple races in every state, but the Museum of Aviation race keeps him coming back for 2 reasons.

“It’s a really nice course, it’s totally flat, it’s paved, it’s just a wonderful race,” Macon said.  “Secondly, the people in Macon and Warner Robins are just wonderful people very friendly, very giving.”

He says you don’t have to be like him and go through a new pair of sneakers every month, but getting started is easy.

“You decide what distance it is, you walk it, you go as fast as you want to, you don’t wear a watch. You don’t care how long it takes you, because it isn’t how fast you do it, it’s the fact that you can do it,” Macon said.

It’s how Macon does each 26.2 mile race, one step at a time, each closer to the finish line.

As soon as Macon crosses the finish line, he’s heading to the airport to run another marathon Sunday morning in Louisiana.

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