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The Warner Robins Museum of Aviation is holding its fourth annual Nevermore Hills Haunted Halloween Trail.

“It’s a great haunted attraction, it’s about 3 acres long and it’s a walkthrough outdoor trail,” says Director of Operations for the Museum of Aviation, Jenny Haas.

Kids of all ages can walk the paths and get the scoop on the spook.

“I think people are like going to jump out and try to grab you,” says first time haunted house-goer, Jason Thomas.

“This year, we’ve added a second attraction called ‘The Attic,’ and that’s kind of like a claustrophobic crawl through maze in the dark, and you have to find your way out,” says Haas.

13 WMAZ’s Chelsea Beimfohr tried The Attic attraction and only lasted 5 minutes.

“I wasn’t expecting it to be this compressed. I just can’t make myself crawl through the whole thing,” says Beimfohr.

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