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B-17 “Madras Maiden” at DeKalb-Peachtree Airport


WARNER ROBINS – On Saturday, Sept 1, B-17 Restoration Volunteers from the Museum of Aviation at Robins Air Force Base were at the DeKalb-Peachtree Airport in Chamblee, Georgia getting ready for a flight on an aircraft similar to the one they have spent thousands of hours restoring.  A long-time museum supporter and WWII Veteran, Crawford Hicks accompanied them.  Hicks piloted a B-17 aircraft during the war.  This was a wonderful opportunity for the volunteers to experience the plane on a completely different level.


b-17-2                                                      Part of the Museum of Aviation’s Restoration Team buckling–in for flight!


The volunteers have been devotedly and meticulously restoring the Museum of Aviation’s B-17G “Flying Fortress” since August 27, 2015. The restoration process for this magnificent bird takes skill and patience, but the volunteers are convinced they will be finished with this monumental project in the next four to five years.


b-17-3                                                      B-17 Restoration at the Museum of Aviation on Robins Air Force Base


Ninety seven-year-old Hicks was the first in line to fly in the plane, and re-live his memories from the war. Hicks is a long-time Museum supporter and it is an honor for the B-17 volunteers to be a part of his flight.

The museum is always in need of funds to continue this restoration project.  For more information on donating to this project, please visit:


b-17-4                                Crawford E. Hicks; with thumbs up, and son, Rob Hicks step off the B-17 after an unforgettable flight.


For more information on Hicks’ remarkable life and story, visit

For information to help fund the Museum of Aviation’s B-17 please visit




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