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(From Left to Right) Mark Byrd, Brig Gen John Kubinec, Col Lyle Drew, Maj Gen (Ret) Bob McMahon

The Museum of Aviation Foundation held its 28th Annual Georgia Invitational Golf Tournament on September 21 and 22, at the Pine Oaks Golf Course on Robins Air Force Base.

This annual event is the largest fundraiser for the Museum of Aviation Foundation and this year, grossed over $270,000. The proceeds will go towards the Foundation’s STEM Education programs and operations.

The first place winners for the Golf Tournament included J.D. Kennedy, Ben Kishigan, James Simpson, Carl Adkins, Evans Brown, Johnny Baker, Doug Hill, Darryl McKinney, SMSgt Robby Kindernay, TSgt Adam Wyttenbach, Michael Clemons, and A1C Dylon Hibbard. The second place winners included MSgt Derek Wasden, MSgt Rick Turner, TSgt Frank Stoddard, TSgt Jared McGowen, Dennis Hanson, Sebie Lacey, Stanley Wright, Charles O’Malley, Ricky Layton, Shane Patel, Bill Burris, and Keith Aaron. The third place winners included SSgt James Lee, TSgt Derek Jaudon, MSgt Raymond Ross, SMSgt Thomas Langevin, Chris Robinson, Tom Pendergrass, John McWhorter, Craig Anders, Sebie Lacey, Dennis Hanson, Barry Hattaway, and Gary Myrick.


Lastly, James Simpson, Gary McKinney, and A1C Dylon Hibbard won the 4 hole proximity; P.J. Vasquez, Derek Hartman, and Kelly Booth won the 10 hold proximity; Tom Burke, Brother Stewart, and Ricky Layton won the 12 hold proximity; J.D. Kennedy, Chris Robinson, and A1C Dylon Hibbard won the 17 hole longest drive.


The festivities for the Georgia Invitational Golf Tournament began with the unforgettable and traditional Plantation Supper on Thursday evening and concluded with a barbecue awards dinner on Friday evening.




“We are delighted to have had such a wonderful group of supporters for this golf tournament. Your donations towards this event and your enthusiastic participation in the games are truly appreciated by the Foundation. And thank you to our volunteers for giving their time and effort to make this event a success,” said Chrissy Miner, President and CEO of the Museum of Aviation Foundation.

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