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B-17 Flying Fortress

April 30, 2019

Our restoration team attached the wing tips to both the left and right wing.


April 28, 2019

We are putting in the bomb bay doors after a few weeks of working on them.



April 14, 2019

Our restoration team’s handiwork with the paint brush is truly remarkable! The first insignia is on the right wing tip.


April 1, 2019

We are adding the accessory package which includes the starter, generator, hoses, and small hardware to complete the setup on the engine.




HU-16 Albatross 

April 16, 2019

We are assembling the R-1820-76 Wright Cyclone engine.



April 7, 2019

The first picture shows the intake and exhaust valves after wire brushing to clean them up. Each valve has two coiled springs. The second picture shows a cylinder before media blasting and clear coating with clear enamel spray. The cylinder on left has been cleaned, blasted and clear coated.


Overall Additions

April 13, 2019

We are adding more signs for our outdoor aircraft. Check them out when you visit the Museum of Aviation.



April 10, 2019

The concrete for the F-15 pedestal foundation was poured.





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