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Our restoration team is treating the corroded areas on the aft section of the inner wing, on the B-17. The latches have just been fixed, and they are going to polish the wing and paint the inside. Then it will be ready to go back on.



Our restoration team is restoring the instrument panel that goes into the cockpit of the B-17. They will soon fit it back into its place.



Restoration update on the B-17: The de-icing boot and oil cooler ducts have been installed, we are finishing up the panels and installing them, and our restoration team made new doors for the fuel filler ports.

restoration-update-may-4 restoration-update-may-6 restoration-update-may-7 restoration-update-may-8 restoration-update-may-5



Restoration update on the HU-16: One of the pilot seats has been repainted and reassembled.



Restoration Update on the B-17: we have drilled out holes for rivets in the mount for the ball turret. Our restoration team has also put the panel in the bombardier section of the plane, and attached hardware for heated air ducts in the nose.

restoration-update-may-10 restoration-update-may-11 restoration-update-may-12 restoration-update-may-13


Restoration update on the HU-16: we just spray painted the nose wheel well.



Our restoration team has manufactured a panel from scratch for the turbo charger, on the B-17.

restoration-update-may-15 restoration-update-may-16


B-17 Restoration Update: We are building support for the ball turret in the rear fuselage.

restoration-update-may-17 restoration-update-may-18 restoration-update-may-19

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