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Restoration update on the HU-16! Our restoration team cleaned up the windows for the Albatross, and filled in the old holes with liquid epoxy and re-drilled new holes to fit. They also restored, cleaned, and repainted the nose landing gear hydraulic actuator.




Here is the current progress on the ball turret area, on the B-17. Our restoration team had the L-angles made.




Restoration update! We just removed the nose landing gear assembly from the HU-16 Albatross!




Our restoration team is now working on the B-17’s larger inner wing section that has the engines and landing gear. They are going to fix all the damaged panels, plates, and rivets.




Our restoration team rigged the rest of the flight control cables for the tail section on the B-17.



Our restoration team treated, cleaned, and painted the AFT Crew Compartment. This holds the radio equipment in the B-29.


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