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We received another wonderful write up about our Night at the Museum event that we wanted to share with everyone.  Thank you again to all of our volunteers and employees that made that event such a success!  It was definitely a team effort!

Thank you Ms. Janell Perry for your wonderful feedback!

Ms. Perry writes:


Photo courtesy of Janell Perry

“I was able to attend the Night at the Museum this year.  The experience is one that I will cherish forever.  The Museum of Aviation has an indefinite amount of history about planes.  I was able to see the RQ-4, T-33, T-37, U-2, C-7, B-17, and many more.  I was most excited about going aboard the planes and seeing them from the inside.  This was very astonishing.  The employees of the museum portrayed characters such as Tuskegee Airmen, Albert Einstein, Orville and Wilbur Wright, Bessie Coleman, and etc. My favorite character was Albert Einstein, because at his table he had a super cool magic trick for everyone to enjoy. I had a great time and will definitely attend the Night at the Museum next year.”


Photo courtesy of Janell Perry

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