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Where are you originally from/What do you consider your hometown: My parents are from Maryland, and I currently live in Baltimore (I am visiting GA for the summer), but I have moved about 12 times. The longest place I have ever lived was in Belgium.

Educational background: I graduated from Yokota High School in Japan, did my first year of school in the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, but now currently attend University of Maryland Baltimore County.

What sorts of hobbies do you enjoy or what do you do in your free time: I was an avid tennis player in high school, but now spend a lot of time blogging, taking photos, and spending time with my friends at my University.

How long have you worked at the museum: A couple months last summer, and this week is my first week back.

What does your job involve: I am here to run social media for the museum, such as Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and hopefully start an Instagram soon!

If you were not working here at the museum, what kind of job would you like to have: I have two jobs at my school I would normally be working, one as an Event Programmer and another at the Print and Design Center on campus. In the future, I would love a job in social media and marketing.

How does being a museum intern change your experience when you visit other museums: I have a better idea of what the process is in running a museum, especially with the experience I had last summer as a volunteer in the Vietnam Hangar. I also take more time to appreciate the things donated from those outside the museum, and the personal stories behind artifacts.

What is your favorite aircraft and why: I am a huge fan of Thunderbirds. My family was stationed in Las Vegas, and Nellis Air Force Base is very well known for their Thunderbirds and air shows.

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