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B-17 Restoration Updates:

These pictures show the bottom panel on the forward fuselage we replaced. It also shows air ducting vents and an electrical box that we had to repair and reinstall inside the aircraft.


What you are looking at is the B-17’s forward and aft fuselage “bumped” together. They are not attached yet because we still need to get the proper fixtures in place to hold them level so they will match up. Then we can bolt them together.


We took off the corroded aluminum from the crew entrance hatchway. This was the corrosion we needed to cut out of that hatch way. We will make the new piece and rivet it in.


Our restoration team moved the “right inner wing” into a horizontal position so it would be easier to work on! We have some buffing left to do and a few small panels that need completing. Other than that, this portion of the plane is almost done being restored.


We are restoring the first portion of the floor support for the ball turret, as well as the floor supports for the area just forward of the the bomb bay.


Damaged ribs need replacement with new ones. Our restoration team needs to make these after we get the floor back in. What you’re looking at is the internal structure on bottom of the fuselage below the cockpit, and the bottom of fuselage showing removed damaged skin.

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