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From time to time, as we move forward with this blog, we hope to share short videos made right here at the Museum of Aviation. Sometimes, as is the case today, they will spotlight a specific artifact. [youtube=]

If you have been in Hangar One recently or read this blog regularly you know that we are in the middle of a major transformation of that space. One component of converting it to a Southeast Asia focus is the relocation of the Tuskegee Airmen Exhibit to the World War II hangar. The first step in the process was to remove any artifacts, mannequins, exhibit signage or collections related materials from the space.

The Tuskegee Exhibit after having artifacts and signs removed


The current space that the Tuskegee Exhibit occupies will be used to place the Museum’s F-105D. The World War II Hangar is a more fitting place for the Tuskegee story, and will allow visitors to experience their story in a more proper context.

Conceptual drawing of the Tuskegee Exhibits placement in the World War II Hangar


The long-term plan for the Tuskegee Exhibit is to replace the current BT-13 aircraft with the aircraft you see in the above conceptual drawing: the Museum’s PT-17. According to documents the PT-17, which currently hangs in the Eagle Building Rotunda, was used as a training aircraft at Tuskegee. That is all for now, until next time keep your eye on the sky!

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