The National STEM Academy offers several educational adult programs.  Guided Tours are history-based tours led by trained staff from the Museum of Aviation Education Center, and participants have an opportunity to go inside an airplane.  Businesses and organizations of all kinds can sign up for a Mission Quest Team Building program that will help to strengthen any team and focuses on teamwork and communication.  The NASA Regional Education Resource Center offers workshops and resources to teachers and educators of all kinds, including homeschooling parents.  Details can be found below.

Guided Tours

Mission Quest Adult Team Building Program

Guided History Tour (Ages 5 – Adult)

Explore World History through exhibits and aircraft at The Museum of Aviation! Guided Tours are history-based tours led by trained staff from the Museum of Aviation Education Center.

You will also go inside the C-130 “Hercules” airplane for an Inside-an-aircraft experience.  While inside the C-130 “Hercules,” you will watch a video on paratroopers and other missions performed by the C-130.

  • Guided Tours last approximately 1.5 hours.
  • The Guided Tour will include one or more buildings.
  • The minimum number of students required for a tour is 20 and the maximum number is 90.
  • Guided Tours are offered Tuesday – Saturday
  • Fee: $5 per participant
  • Book A Guided Tour

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Team Building Program (Adults)

Strengthen your team with the Mission Quest Team Building adult program.  This adult program is an opportunity for you and your partners to plan and fly a mission in the Mission Quest Flight Simulation Lab.  Mission success depends upon working together as a team for mutual support. The Aviation Team Building Program offers your organization the opportunity to engage in historical combat scenarios.  Team members will fly state of the art B-1, C-17 and F-15 flight simulators while working to complete specific team oriented goals.  Live ATC will monitor your mission but you will have to plan it with your squadron.

No flight experience necessary.

Basic instruction includes:

  • Situational awareness/ Science and technology
  • Teamwork / Basic flight physics / Risk assessment
  • Decision-making / Flight planning / Communications


  • This 6 hour program must be scheduled in advance
  • $75 per participant

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NASA Regional Educator Resource Center (Educators & Interns)

K – 12 and University Educators: Adult programs are offered to educators and future educators. These programs provide free NASA materials, monthly STEM workshops, NASA online training opportunities, STEM conferences and intern opportunities to future educators.

The NASA Regional Educator Resource Center (RERC) is located in The Museum of Aviation’s Education Center and serves as a preview and distribution center for NASA produced educational materials which focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum. It offers K-12 and University educators teaching in Georgia easy access to STEM resources suitable for use in their classrooms.

For more information call Clare Swinford at (478) 222-7547 or email You can also click on the sections below for more information or use our contact form.

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