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  • 250 capacity
  • Stadium-style seating
  • Large screen with audio visual (AV) capabilities
  • Located in the Eagle Building
  • No food or beverage allowed inside of auditorium. (For events requiring reception, food and beverage will be placed in Rotunda under the F-15 wing.)


  • 80 person capacity
  • May hold up to ten 60″ round tables
  • Audio visual capabilities (AV)
  • Located on the 2nd floor of the Eagle Building (elevator and stair access)



  • 50-60 person capacity
  • Classroom style or U-shape seating available
  • Audio visual capabilities (AV)
  • Located on the 3rd floor of the Eagle Building (elevator and stair access)


  • 150 person capacity
  • Holds 19 60″ round tables
  • Audio visual capabilities with a large drop down screen


  • 500 person capacity
  • Must have at least 200 guests to book this venue
  • Holds up to 63 60″ rounds
  • Has 2 large screens for AV capabilities
  • Sound and lighting equipment
  • Stage with two podiums and stage lighting
  • Handicap friendly; offering ramp and elevator access (Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame located on the 2nd floor)
  • Parking lot behind Hangar One for closer access


  • 5 pavilions each seating 40 people
  • Up to 4 pavilions may be reserved for an event (1 pavilion is always left to public and is available upon first come first serve basis)
  • Playground
  • Restroom

Museum Event Policies

Catering/Clean up

Catering of events is only permitted with Foundation approved caterers (see the Foundation Approved Catering List.) The Foundation reserves the right to remove food and beverage brought into the Museum in violation of this policy. All food and beverage trash should be collected and removed by the caterer immediately at the close of the event. If the caterer fails to remove the trash or is not on site serving your event, the responsibility falls to the Host. In the case of excessive trash inside the Museum or in Museum outdoor areas, a $100.00 clean-up service fee will be charged to the Host.

If you would like you use a catering company not on our approved list, please contact the Foundation Event Coordinator for prior approval. An additional fee of $2.00 per person will be charged if a caterer not on the Museum’s approved list is used and must be approved by the Foundation Event Coordinator. The caterer is responsible to provide all tableware and flatware required for the event. No potluck events are permitted.

No items may be stored overnight. All decorations and other items not immediately removed by the Host will be regarded as trash and disposed of by the Foundation. When using bare tables, table tops must be wiped down and returned clean.  The Museum is not responsible for lost items.     

Alcoholic Beverages/Tobacco

Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages are permitted inside the Museum or on Museum grounds or the Museum parking lot areas during daily Museum operating hours (8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.).

The use of tobacco products, to include electronic cigarettes, is NOT allowed inside the Museum or within 100 feet of any building.  Smoking is only permitted outside in designated smoking areas, and cigarettes are to be disposed of in the proper receptacles.


The Host shall not use items, or decorations/signage that contains glitter, confetti, pearls, beads, sparkling sand, streamers, bubbles, and fog machines in the Museum. Use of these items will incur a $200 clean up fee separate from event fees and rental fees.

The use of candles must be pre-approved by the Foundation and the Museum. No open-flame candles are permitted.

The use of tape, wire, staples, tacks, glue, nails, or any similar item is prohibited. In no circumstances may any item(s) be attached to ANY Museum wall, display, or any other surface.  Event-related banners may only be hung with prior approval from the Museum Services office.  Easels are available through Foundation Event Support Services at a prescribed cost.

The Foundation does not provide decorations or decorative services (backdrops, etc.). The Host agrees that any required special furniture or equipment is the Hosts’ responsibility and must be pre-approved by the Foundation. Outside decorating companies may only be used with prior approval from the Foundation and the Museum. All arrangements must be pre-approved.

No set-up/tear-down will be allowed during daily Museum operating hours (8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) without prior approval from the Foundation Services office.


Neither the Foundation nor the Museum will accept any freight or other items delivered on behalf of the Host without prior approval by the Museum. Items may not be delivered prior to the contracted move-in time on the event date without prior approval. The Host or a Host representative must be present to accept delivery. All deliveries must be approved by the Museum.