STEM Labs and Special Events highlight STEM mentors and workforce development initiatives through engaging hands-on STEM programs.  They are scheduled throughout the year.

1st - 10th Grade Saturday STEM Lab Dates & Registration

Grades: 1st – 10th Grade Students

Time: 9:30 AM – 12 Noon each date listed below

Cost: $30 per participant, per class

Saturday STEM Labs provide students the opportunity to develop their interest in science , technology , engineering, math, and social studies using fun, hands on activities.

Each date will be a different fun topic.

2022 – 2023 STEM Lab Dates & Registration Links:

1st – 5th Grades:

-Dec 17, 2022: Winter STEM
-Feb 4, 2022: Inventors Workshop
-Apr 29, 2022:  Celebrate Earth Day


6th – 10th Grades:

Dec 17, 2022: Robotics & Coding: Students get hands-on programing and analytical experience with various robot devices, ranging from simple remote-controlled models to those requiring instructional loading. 
Feb 4, 2022: Crime Scene Investigation: Students must delve into the details of a crime and, using various investigative techniques, determine the full scope of the criminal activity, the perpetrator’s methods and, ultimately, their identity.  Supports Georgia Standards of Excellence SFS1 b.c.d, SFS2 a,b,c, and SFS3 d. 
April 29, 2022: Flight Simulators: Students study the fundamentals of flight, the mechanics of airplane control, navigation concepts, and aircraft instrumentation. Student will apply this knowledge while flying in a structured simulated flight in Mission Quest Eagle simulators in pairs. Supports Georgia Standards of Excellence TDL-FA-3.1 thru 3.5.

A Note from the Director

Students have amazing imaginations.  Their ideas and willingness to design and create is truly remarkable and is what will be our future workforce.  The National STEM Academy proudly offers many programs that support learning opportunities for all ages four and over.   STEM Labs which are usually a few hours on a Saturday, and STEM Camps which are usually five consecutive days during a holiday week or Summer are very popular with families seeking STEM learning experiences for their student.

STEM Labs and Camps are interactive experiences that integrate innovative hands-on STEM disciplines.  Students of all ages learn about the Engineering Design Process through creative problem solving.  The goal-setting experiences often use scientific equipment and a variety of technology which includes robotics, virtual reality, 3D printers, flight simulators and much more.

STEM Labs and Camps also provide hands-on opportunities to create, build and learn in a relaxed environment without tests and specific benchmarks.   Students thrive in this type of classroom because there is less fear of failure and they have fun learning as they play.   Albert Einstein said, “play is the highest form of research”.   Our trained staff specifically allow students the time to think creatively, take risks, and communicate their design process.   It is often during the messiest activities that we see the students formulate the best ideas.    When your student leaves the National STEM Academy with what looks like a pile of popsicle sticks wrapped in masking tape or some sort of paper plate animal, please ask them what they learned while experimenting with this creation.

Thank you for your support as the National STEM Academy continues to provide learning opportunities that promote creativity and exploration.   Our team is sincerely grateful to all the families participating in programs located at the Museum of Aviation.



Melissa Spalding

Director of Education

Important Information for all Programs and Events

Please read all information below as there will be several changes this year as we strengthen our efforts to keep all students and staff safe:

  • Please send a labeled water bottle with your student.  No outside food.
  • For safety measures, there will be no drop off or pick up in the classroom.
    • Drop off and Pick up will use the car rider loop on the south side of the Century of Flight Hangar.
      • In case of inclement weather, check in and out will take place in the 1st floor lobby for 6th – 8th grades and 2nd floor lobby for 1st – 5th grades of the Century of Flight Hangar.
    • Dismissal Cards will be used for Pick Up. Links to print cards will be sent with order confirmations.  Please print them and place on the Passenger Side Dash of your vehicle.  You may use the same card for the entirety of the series.  Anyone picking up a student will be required to show either the Dismissal Card or their ID. Please ensure all authorized pick-up persons are updated as emergency contacts during registration.
    • A complete copy of our Handbook, Policies, and Procedures can be found on our National STEM Academy About Page.
      • Refund Policy: Refunds are made if cancelled up to 2 weeks prior to start date of program. Reminder emails are a courtesy and are not guaranteed.  Please mark your calendars for dates/times registered for.
      • Account Credit Policy:  Account credits are made at the discretion of the National STEM Academy for cancellations made within the 2 week refund window on a case by case basis.  Account credits are not guaranteed.
      • No-Show Policy:  No-Shows and those cancelled in less than 48 hours are not eligible for refunds or account credits.  It is the responsibility of the registered to remember the dates/times signed up for.  Reminder emails are a courtesy and are not guaranteed.

Please register early to secure your spot.  If a class is full, please add your student to the waitlist.  We will add students from the waitlist on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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