Boy Scout Aviation Merit Badge

The Museum of Aviation proudly offers the Aviation Merit Badge program for Boy Scouts. Originally designed by a Mission Quest Instructor and Boy Scout Counselor, the program follows the guidelines of the Scout Handbook, providing updated tools and resources to assist Scout Leaders and Counselors. The curriculum features aeronautical principles, navigation, instrumentation, and flight preparation, culminating in the Scout Squadron’s simulated flight. This 3-hour class must be scheduled in advance for 8 – 16 scouts in grade 6th and up. The program is $20 per scout. Mission Quest patches and t-shirts are available. Girl Scouts are also invited to schedule this Aviation Flight Simulation program.

The National STEM Academy at the Museum of Aviation is proud to offer Scout Programs. Various badge programs available for Boy Scouts.  For other Scout programs please send an email to: or click on the registration link below

Mission Quest Registration for Scouts