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Live Virtual Field Trips

The National STEM Academy is now offering Live Virtual Field Trips for groups, schools, and organizations Worldwide!

With many curriculum options to choose from, the National STEM Academy’s Guided Tours and History programs also offer Live Virtual Field Trip options.  Guided tour and hands-on STEM focused programs highlight Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in an innovative and interactive setting.

Guided Tour (Ages 4 - Adult)

Explore World History through exhibits and aircraft at The Museum of Aviation! Guided Tours are history-based tours led by trained staff from the Museum of Aviation Education Center.

You will also go inside the C-130 “Hercules” airplane for an Inside-an-aircraft experience. 

While inside the C-130 “Hercules,” you will watch a video on paratroopers and other missions performed by the C-130.

To correlate the Guided Tour specifically to your classroom curriculum, please advise when scheduling.  Standards that can be met are SSH6 (a)(b)(d)(e).

  • Guided Tours last approximately 1.5 hours.
  • The Guided Tour will include one or more buildings.
  • The minimum number of students required for a tour is 20 and the maximum number is 90.
  • Guided Tours are offered Tuesday – Saturday
  • Fee: $5 per participant
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WWII Education Project Featuring the Tuskegee Airmen (5th Grade)

This program, for 5th grade students, provides a special guided tour of the Museum of Aviation’s WWII Hangar which includes the Black Eagles exhibit and the D-Day Down to Earth exhibit.  The students view authentic artifacts, participate in a parachute activity and receive a glider.

The teachers receive a Tuskegee Airmen Resource guide which includes detailed information and follow-up activities.

To correlate the Guided Tour specifically to your classroom curriculum, please advise when scheduling.

  • Standards that can be met are SS5H6 and SS5H8.
  • The Tuskegee Tour lasts approximately 2 – 2.5 hours.
  • The minimum number required for the tour is 20 students and the maximum is 90 students.
  • Guided Tours are offered Tuesday – Saturday
  • Fee: $6 per participant

tuskegee guided tour

On the Home Front During WWII (Outreach) (5th Grades)

Bring World War II Family Life to your classroom!

This outreach program for 5th grade students takes place at your school.  View real artifacts as you learn the roles of the family during WW II.

Learn about rationing and what measures Mom and the family had to take to survive the war.

Students will discover “Rosie the Riveter” and how the roles of women changed in their effort to support the war.

The class will also participate in a hands-on activity.

  • Social Studies Standards met are SS5H6 (a) (e).
  • Program is offered to schools within 50 miles of the Museum of Aviation
  • Tuesday – Friday between the hours of 10:00 and 1:00.
  •  5th Grade
  • $5 per student
  • Approximately 1 hour program

GA Studies Guided Tour (7th & 8th Grades)

This guided tour highlights our home-town WWII hero and accomplished author Robert L. Scott who was from Macon, Georgia. His adventurous life included achievements in scouting, an incredible military career, and the experience of walking the Great Wall of China. The students will go inside the Lockheed-Martin C-130 Hercules Airplane for an inside-an-aircraft experience. Robins Air Force Base is a service depot for C-130s and students will learn of its history and how Paratroopers use this plane after being trained at Fort Benning, GA. A short video about the plane will be shown.

The guided tour will end with a Scavenger Hunt activity.

Group Program:

  • The Georgia Studies Tour lasts approximately 2 hours.
  • The minimum number required for the tour is 25 students and the maximum is 75 students.
  • Georgia Studies Tours are conducted Tuesday – Saturdays
  • Fee: $5 per participant

guided tours

ACE Plus History Guided Tour (K - 5th Grades)

ACE Plus combines both the ACE STEM Program with a Guided History Tour of 1-2 buildings. Students also experience the C-130 Hercules Airplane Exhibit by learning about the role of the aircraft and paratroopers.

The added Guided Tour is scheduled from 12:30 – 2:00. Fee: $10 per student ($5 for ACE & $5 for Guided Tour)

All other ACE guidelines apply.


Birthday Parties

The Guided Tour Program also offers Birthday Parties!


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Due to COVID-19, some hours and programs may have temporary changes, including, but not limited to minimum and maximum numbers for in-house programs. Program adjustments will be relayed as needed after completing a program request form on each program page.