The following education resources are available to the public for print and/or download for use in and out of the classroom.  Videos from past educator workshops, STEM Activity Kits, Lesson Plans, STEM Activity Videos, and more are available below.  Also included are suggested websites with resources and lessons.

Please View our Featured Resource Contribution from Cassie of Bay Minette, Alabama.  Cassie is a 9 year old who “absolutely loves all things nature, our planet and Science in general!”

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Papa said, We Should Never Forget

Emmy winning movie from Director David Druckenmiller and the Museum of Aviation Foundation

The true story of World War II’s unlikeliest heroes, including one young girl who, with her family and fellow villagers, put their lives on the line to assist the Allied soldiers in the fight for freedom.

Helpful Websites/Resources

The 21st Century Partnership’s Middle Georgia STEM Alliance is a loosely knit regional collaboration of key organizations and individuals from across Middle Georgia focused on elevating STEM by working together to advance STEM workforce development.

Based in Kingsport, Tennessee, STREAMWORKS is a new educational program that delivers enhanced opportunities for students (grades K–12) to participate in exciting mentor and project-based programs that focus on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills; inspire innovation; and foster well-rounded life capabilities.

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor founded iCivics in 2009: to restore civic education in our nation’s schools.

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