The National STEM Academy is a registered trademark program of the Museum of Aviation Foundation.  The National STEM Academy offers field trip and individual programs that integrate innovative, hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) disciplines, including the ‘Arts‘ such as history, literature, and more through the Heritage, ACE (Ask. Challenge. Educate.), Mission Quest, and the Georgia NASA Regional Educator Resource Center programs. These programs are offered for learners ages 4 through adult. Rigorous, goal-setting experiences challenge participants to solve problems and are aligned to state and national education standards. Career opportunities and workforce development strategies are highlighted throughout.

Field trips, workshops, and special events are conducted both at the Museum of Aviation, “On the Go” through outreach at school sites, and via live virtual field trips.

36,224 students and teachers were served by National STEM Academy programs during FY 2019.

The Museum of Aviation Foundation, including the National STEM Academy, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Proceeds from all National STEM Academy programs, as well as, National STEM Academy education donations, go directly back to support the National STEM Academy.  If you would like more information or to donate or support a program, click an option below or contact Valerie Myers at

Ride for Education Support

The National STEM Academy is seeking support for the 2nd Annual Ride for Education Poker Run.  The ride will take place on April 23, 2022.  Funding received will be used for supplies, marketing materials, and more to support the event.

Various monetary donation levels are available from $100 – $5,000.  In-Kind donations are being accepted to be auctioned off and to be added to winning prize baskets.

Monetary donations can be made via cash, check, ACH, or credit card.  For ACH or Credit Card donations, please use the button below.  For check donations, you may mail them to the address below.

For Cash or In-Kind donations, please contact Valerie Myers to schedule pick up and/or delivery at 478-997-1884 or email

For questions, please email

Make Checks Payable to: Museum of Aviation Foundation

Memo: Ride for Education

Mail to:

Museum of Aviation Foundation

ATTN: Valerie Myers

PO Box 2469

Warner Robins, GA 31099

The K & G ‘STEAM FORWARD’ Endowment Scholarship Fund

The K & G ‘STEAM FORWARD’ Endowment Scholarship was started by a local community member who wished to donate money to provide summer camp scholarships to students from Warner Robins.  That scholarship fund has been expanded to offer programs for summer camps, Saturday STEM labs, and field trips for entire grade levels.  Donations can be made by clicking the link below, in $20 increments, or by purchasing a complete scholarship package.

For questions, please email

Technology Lab Fundraiser Donations

Donation Range: $2,000+    $50,000 Goal

Level 1: $2,000

Level 2: $10,000

Level 3: $15,000

Level 4: $20,000

Presenting Supporter: $50,000

The National STEM Academy at the Museum of Aviation is upgrading the Technology Lab.  The Lab is located in the Space and Innovation Center.  The current Lab holds 24 computer stations, plus one teacher computer station (about half of the computers work), three 3D printers, a robotic arm, and several robotics kits.  The current computers are over ten years old and will no longer run the software needed for the 3D printers or the robotic kits.   The National STEM Academy was able to upgrade its Lego WeDo Robotic Kits to the newest 2.0 versions.  The Lego WeDo 2.0 kits correlate with National Science Standards and cover Life, Physical, Earth, and Space Sciences, as well as Engineering curriculum.  The WeDo 2.0 kits have not been used yet due to the fact that current computers in the Technology Lab will not run the software without glitches and extreme slowness.  AutoCAD, TinkerCAD, and several other software options teach many Engineering and Design Processes and are important software needed to design 3D objects for planning and/or printing purposes on the 3D printers.  The current computers do not have the RAM nor the needed processors to successfully run those programs.  Please consider supporting our efforts to upgrade the Technology Lab so that we may continue meeting the needs of students and teachers with excellent innovative programming.

Your donation will support the Technology Lab for two years.  Upgrades are scheduled to begin August of 2021 with expected completion by December.

Items Your Donation Will Support:

  • New Student Computers for each workstation
  • New Software for teaching different curriculum
  • New 3D printers
  • New Hardware such as mice and headphones for each workstation

General Education Donations

Donation Range: $100 – $10,000

General education donations go towards supporting all National STEM Academy projects and programs.  Funds are used to purchase supplies, equipment, scholarships, operational support, one-time projects, administrative needs, special events, and more.

Examples of Needed Items:

  • 3D Filament
  • Math Manipulatives
  • Classroom Supplies (crayons, markers, construction paper, etc.)
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Office Supplies
  • Science Equipment (i.e. microscopes, engineering kits, lab equipment, etc.)
  • Technology Software for Student and Instructor PCs and Tablets
  • Computer Hardware for Student and Instructor PCs and Tablets

Virtual Field Trip Scholarship Support Opportunities

Donation Range: $150 and Up.

The National STEM Academy offers live Virtual Field Trips to schools, groups, and organizations of all kinds in grades Pre K – Adult worldwide. Field trips provide interactive STEM and social studies experiences.  Curriculum varies per grade/age level to support standards.

Virtual Field Trips cost $75 for up to 100 participants and some Title I, low-income, schools and organizations are finding it difficult to pay for the trips for their students.  By donating to the National STEM Academy to support Virtual Field Trips, your donation would cover costs for low-income schools to receive Virtual Field Trips free of charge.  Donation ranges start at $150 which covers the $75 cost and admin fees to support one Virtual Field Trip.

The National STEM Academy is part of the Museum of Aviation Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and all donations are tax deductible.  Please consider donating to the National STEM Academy to support Virtual Field Trip Scholarships.

Program Education Donations

Donation Range: $500 – $1000

Program education donations go towards supporting specific National STEM Academy programs.  Funds are used to purchase supplies, equipment, operational support, administrative needs, and more for that specific program.  You choose the program you would like to support.

Program Options:

  • ACE (Ask. Challenge. Educate.) Pre K – 5th Grades
  • Mission Quest 6th – 12th Grades
  • Heritage Ages 5 – Adult
  • Educator Resource Center  Adults and Educators
  • Special Events (Includes Summer Camps, STEM Labs, Night at the Museum, and more!)

Examples of Items:

  • Lending Library Supplies and Equipment (Includes STEM Activity Kits)
  • ERC Workshop Supplies
  • Mission Quest Patches and T-Shirts for students
  • Mission Quest Headsets and Student Workbooks
  • Guided Tour Headsets and Microphones
  • Parachutes and Gliders
  • ACE Field Trip Activity Supplies (Robots, Magnets, Electrical Kits, etc.)

Adopt a Camp Donations

Donation Range: $2000 for One Week of Camps or $10,000 for All Camps in the summer of 2021

The National STEM Academy integrates innovative, hands-on STEM activities into fun week-long summer camps.  Your $2,000 donation will help us raise the money needed to purchase additional supplies to update the advanced Science and Technology equipment, stock supplies for cleaning and disinfecting classroom areas, add additional supplies for students to work on individual projects, and support a highly qualified staff.

The 2021 STEM Summer Camps at the Museum of Aviation offer K – 12th grade students five weeks of twenty-five separate camps.  Your donation will sponsor five different camps held during one week of the summer.  You choose, based on availability, which week to sponsor.  You may send us coupons and advertisements to give to all the students, we will post signs at the entrance and exit for your business’ recognition, and we will post your support on the museum’s website and social media platforms.   Please help us to continue offering award-winning learning opportunities to the students in our community.

Adopt a Sim Donations

Donation Range: $3000

The National STEM Academy at the Museum of Aviation is renovating the Mission Quest Flight Simulation Lab.  The Mission Quest program uses flight principles and hands-on flight simulation to highlight workforce development, team building, and career readiness that support RAFB and Middle Georgia community missions. The software and equipment in the Flight Simulators is over ten years old and outdated.  Help us remain a state of art educational facility by supporting a Simulator!  All supporting donations will cover your organization’s support for the next five years.  Donations will be used to purchase materials and equipment to update the simulator computer equipment, software, and classroom/lab needs.

*The National STEM Academy has reached its goal for the Adopt a Sim Campaign!  Thank you to all supporters!

If you would like to make a donation to help with other areas of the Mission Quest program, additional support is always needed and appreciated, please see the Program Donations option above.


STAR Partners

STAR Partners are partners who have generously donated $5,000 or more to support the National STEM Academy.