Preserve. Inspire. Educate.


To inspire and educate by preserving the heritage of the United States Air Force through public engagement and a superior visitor experience.


To be the most visited aviation Museum in the Southeastern U.S.

The Museum of Aviation opened to the public on Friday, 9 November 1984 with 20 aircraft on display in an open field and another 20 were in various stages of restoration. The Museum of Aviation has grown to become the second largest museum in the United States Air Force and the fourth most visited museum in the Department of Defense. The museum is a place that honors our veterans and their families and reminds our Airmen of their legendary Air Force heritage.


Identify, acquire, and maintain historically significant focal points of Air Force and Georgia aviation history.

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Inspire all visitors, military and civilian, through historical, educational, and patriotic experiences designed to ignite the imagination.

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Create an environment for life-long learners while providing a foundation for our future leaders and workforce.

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Strategic Plan

The strategic plan is an enterprise plan for the entirety of the Museum of Aviation, including both the Air Force and the Museum of Aviation Foundation.

While roles and responsibilities are divisible this plan is intended as a corporate document to guide decision-making and planning for both entities.

Given the significance of the Museum of Aviation and its overall contributions to enhancing tourism in the state of Georgia and telling of the Air Force story, it is important to put forth a strong planning effort that ensures the continued growth and sustainability of this crown jewel.